Our Story

Hi, I’m Genevieve! I am the maker, creator, designer, marketer, shipper, customer service rep, accountant, biller, and everything else of Little Hedgehog Toys. My partner and love of my life cuts out my designs and I do the rest. This all started when the COVID-19 pandemic turned my family upside down. With two toddlers suddenly at home, pregnant with my third baby, and my job of 13 years in community healthcare in limbo I found refuge in woodworking. We live in the Bay Area, CA and have a small woodshop that occupies our garage.

My creative passion lies in designing the wooden figures that I make. I love bringing chunks of wood to life by turning them into animals, people and other figures. Shaping, wood-burning and color are my favorite parts of creating my pieces because I can see the transformation happening in front of my eyes.

My mission centers around equity, inclusion and reparations, which is the way that I run my business but also the way that I raise my children and make choices for my family. Representation in toys matters and is central in how I develop my collections. If anti-racism and open-ended play is important to you, you're in the right place!

I love engaging with people around equity and creative vision and I welcome conversation, critique, ideas and feedback. I hope you and your little humans enjoy Little Hedgehog’s creations as much as I enjoy making them for you.